“Excellent service, hassle free on a Friday! Just what was needed.”
Nigel Rimmer, 2nd Line Desktop Technician

“Totally happy with a first class service – never an issue with the service.”
Nigel Philip Button, GP Facilitator

“Always had good service on the few occasions I have had to contact you.”
Simon Beattie

“Excellent service – very pleased with it.”
K Dawson, Clinical Systems Data Administrator

“Speedy and reliable with pay, and assisted me in finding full time employment. I think that whatever the team are doing now is the right route to follow as it works.”
Andrew Lindop, Rfid/IT technician

“I think you do a great job. THANK YOU for all your hard work!!!”
Nick Stansfield, Registration Authority Agent

“I consider BSL Umbrella Ltd to be an excellent umbrella company to work with, they are logistically in touch and their communication is never lacking. My main contact in the company is Phil, who is always professional and expedient in his delivery of solutions to my (mainly trivial) queries! I have dealt with several umbrella companies in the past and have never found them as helpful or forthright as BSL. Congratulations guys (and girls), keep it up!”
Chris Colley, Senior Technical Architect

“There is absolutely no doubt that I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I come across. You have been more than brilliant! Your service is second to none and I know as I have used two other umbrella companies in the past and they simply did not compare to you!”
Raza Tahir, Freelance Contract Consultant

“I have used BSL Umbrella Ltd for a number of years. The BSL solution is plain and simple in terms of submitting your timesheets and expenses.

With BSL there are no missing timesheets, no waiting for expenses to be approved and paid, and there are no extra charges for being paid weekly, and the two weeks of being paid in arrears is very useful when your contract comes to an end.”
Lee James, Freelance Information Analyst, Nottingham

“I’ve worked as a contractor for 20 years now, all over the world and all the time through my own company, doing my own expense recording, my own invoicing, VAT collecting and statutory returns, plus paying an accountant to do the mandatory audit. I was always getting into trouble, having late payment fines and wondering how I could have possibly spent all that money I owe the tax man. That was until an agency told me about BSL Umbrella.

Now, it’s nearly the second anniversary of me dumping my limited company and letting BSL do everything for me in terms of invoicing and payment. Most importantly for me, I no longer “forget” to pay my PAYE, dividends, VAT etc. I don’t get any red letters reminding me how long it is since I filled in this form or that return.

Now BSL Umbrella Ltd does all of that for me. I work, I fax them a timesheet and money goes into my bank, net of all my revenue obligations. In April I get the P60 stuff. It’s that simple. And I don’t miss the so-called benefits of running my own company. I now get more out of my earnings than before, and certainly I get less stress. Occasionally I do some extra consultancy. No problem, I just fax the details to BSL and they deal with it with no fuss. There was just one time when I changed contracts, a mistake happened and the money didn’t arrive in my bank on the day expected. I called BSL and they immediately transferred some money by the fastest method possible while the problem was being resolved.

The big thing about it is that it’s a personal service too. No nameless clerk on the line, Phil is always available to talk to and always respond quickly to emails.

I have no hesitation in recommending BSL Umbrella to anyone who works for themselves. Try it, you won’t go back”.
Geoff Webb, Healthcare Informatics Consultant, Oxfordshire

“I would just like to say a BIG thank you for all the support you have provided me with over the past 4 years. I have had many offers from similar umbrella companies such as yourselves over the years but have never been swayed due to your friendly nature and efficiency, not to mention your value for money and extended help…

I have, and will continue to recommend BSL Umbrella Ltd to friends and colleagues and should I decide to return to the UK one day I’m sure I’ll be in touch again”.
Dean Duncan, Senior ICT Engineer.

“A real big thanks to you guys– it’s been fantastic and easy working with you. I will look forward to working with you again -in the far flung future when I return to contract land. Thanks for making the whole umbrella thing painless!”
Khal Malik

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