Our Umbrella Company is tried, tested and trusted by contractors

Whether you’re new to contracting or a seasoned pro, BSL Umbrella can make your contracting life a hassle-free one. You always know who you are talking to at BSL Umbrella. We’re a small Umbrella Company, based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester and we pride ourselves on offering a personal, reliable service to IT contractors.

If you are new to contracting, we will explain our processes and relevant legislation in easy to understand terms.

If you are trialling a contracting career before making a commitment to set up a Limited Company, we can support you now and also if you want to make the switch from Umbrella Company to Limited Company further down the line.

Guaranteed weekly pay

You may find that standard practise with your current Umbrella Company is that they pay you once they have received payment from your agency.

At BSL Umbrella we can guarantee you weekly pay. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your payment is not dependant on us being paid up front by the agency. As long as we have a contract in place and an authorised timesheet, we will pay you.

No minimum pay rate

At BSL Umbrella we have no minimum contract terms or pay rate conditions*. So, regardless of the length of your contract, or the rate you are earning (*providing your earnings are above National Minimum Wage), this Umbrella Company will be happy to welcome you.

AWR – Match Perm Pay model

BSL Umbrella is offering a fully compliant ‘Match Permanent Pay (MPP)’ solution, in response to the Agency Workers Regulations. We feel that the MPP solution works in the best interests of our contractors. Please click here for more information on AWR.

Full insurance cover

We have full cover insurance cover in place for Professional indemnity, Employers’ liability and Public/Products liability. This gives you peace of mind on your contract.

Excellent Service - Hassle free on a friday - just what was needed from BSL Umbrella Company

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