Umbrella company Manchester

Manchester umbrella company

If you’ve experienced a great service from us in the past and you know other Contractors who might benefit from our Umbrella or Limited Company service then why not ask them to give us a call? There’s no risk to them, but if they do sign up with BSL, we’ll give you a £75 bonus. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn!

How to refer a friend

  1. Ask your friend to call us direct on 0161 927 7489, quoting your nameOr alternatively
  2. We’ll contact them

    BSL Refer a Friend scheme rules

      • The Refer-a-friend scheme is only available in the UK and to those eligible to work in the UK.
      • There is no limit to the number of colleagues you can refer.
      • The Refer-a-friend scheme does not apply to individuals already known to, or who are currently registered with, BSL Umbrella Ltd or BSL Accountancy Services Ltd on the date of the referral.
      • The Refer-a-friend reward will only be awarded if the referred individual registers with BSL Umbrella Ltd or BSL Accountancy Services Ltd, then completes at least 4 weeks of continuous service and submits all relevant timesheets.
      • The referral bonus is £75 gross.  If you are a current BSL contractor, it will be paid along with your earnings in the relevant week.
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